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High Points

High Points Competition

2022/2023 SEASON 


  • Competition runs from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023.  There is a $10 Entry Fee to enter this competition which you can include in your annual horse registration (look out for the check box on the horse registration form). If you would like to enter the competition but your horse is already registered, you can enter and pay online using the link above.   

  • Please note: You must only record shows after your payment date.  Any shows entered before this date are not eligible for the High Points System.

  • Both rider membership and horse/pony registration must be current. 

  • Points are calculated of horse and rider combinations.  Any changes made to the horse and rider combinations will need to be re-registered as a new combination; with an applicable entry fee incurred. 

  • Only results from classes at affiliated shows are to be calculated.  


•    Best Presented
•    Best Walk
•    Best Trot
•    Best Paced*
•    Best Mannered*
•    Best Combination
•    Most Suitable for Beginner
•    Best Rider

*At Shows where The Best Paced and Best Mannered Classes are combined (Best Paced & Mannered) points from those placings will be allocated to the Best Mannered Class


points score system.PNG


  • Points are allocated as above.  It's the entrant's responsibility to record and enter their classes onto the provided template.  Points from the top 5 shows for each entrant are added together, the rest of the show points are discarded (i.e if you go to 10 shows and won lots of 1st’s at 5 of them but didn’t do so well at the other 5, only the top 5 shows are counted).  This helps to even out the playing field for areas that don’t have many shows. 

  • It's the entrants responsibilty to ensure all contact details are up-to-date, especially email. At the end of the award season, the Society will prompt eligible members requesting they send in their top five shows via the email provided.  A message will also be posted onto the NZ equestrian pleasure Facebook page. A reminder will be sent within a two week period to ensure highpoints members have sufficient notification to send in documentation.

  • In the event of tied points at the end of the season, the winner will be calculated on a count back for the highest points obtained in the Best Mannered class. 



  • It's the entrant's responsibility to email all placings recorded to the High Points Secretary within 14 days of receiving official notification via the NZEPS Facebook page or via email.

  • Entrant's need to provide their top 5 scoring shows when prompted.  Details on how to do this are on the template form (linked above).  Placings will be cross checked with official results received from the Show Secretary. Points that are not received by the prescribed deadline will not be included. Further details on how to provide your placings will be sent towards the end of the competition seasons. 

  • Anyone deemed to be falsifying their points will involve a disciplinary committee meeting. 


There will be prizes 1st-6th at the end of the season for: Overall Highest Points earned across all classes. And for the top scoring combinations in each of the Individual Classes.

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