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Welcome to the New Zealand Equestrian Pleasure Society


About the society

Our mission at the New Zealand Equestrian Pleasure Society (NZEPS) is to promote pleasure horse and pony riding as a competitive equestrian discipline in NZ.  Our main responsibilities are to work to form a fair and competitive showing environment for our members,  to encourage and enable member participation at shows and to work with show organisers and other societies to have our section added to show programmes. 

We also administer the national register of members and pleasure horses. 

About pleasure riding/showing

Pleasure riding is a discipline that encompasses many forms of recreational riding for personal enjoyment. Pleasure showing is for animals of ordinary quality and a good disposition whose riders enjoy competition.

At shows the pleasure horse/pony section is based on the performance of the horse/pony rather than its conformation or good looks.  Minor flaws in the mechanics of a horse or pony's movement or any aesthetic anomalies that would usually be considered unacceptable in the open showing sections shouldn't rule a horse out in the pleasure section!  Mounts are judged on manners, performance and way of going.


What is a pleasure mount?

Pleasure horse/pony means those animals who do not fit the mould of a show horse/pony. We welcome any breed (e.g. Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, Clyde X) and colour. They should be an uncomplicated and genuine pleasure to ride. Whilst they do not possess the show quality conformation of a show horse, they should in their own way be a delight to ride, with impeccable manners.

A pleasure mount is not an inexperienced mount with show quality conformation who is destined for the open show ring.


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