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Show organisers


If you would like to run affiliated Pleasure classes at your show, please email us to confirm your schedule fits the bill. Have a look at our Pleasure Horse Class Guide for ideas.

There is no fee for running affiliated pleasure classes - the society exists to standardise the section nationwide so that all competitors understand what to expect at any given show - NZEPS runs along similar lines to breed societies in this respect.

Why Run Affiliated Classes?

From 1 August annually, for a competitor to meet the National Title Show (Horse of the Year Show) Pleasure Section Qualification Requirements they must be a member of NZEPS.  Horses and ponies must also be registered with NZEPS.  Members will need to ensure they attend affiliated shows that adhere to the Society's Pleasure Horse Rules. Affiliated shows will be listed on our Upcoming Shows page.


Who Competes in Pleasure Classes?

Pleasure showing is for animals of ordinary quality and a good disposition whose riders enjoy competition.

At shows the Pleasure section is based on the performance of the horse or pony rather than his or her conformation.  Minor flaws in the mechanics of a horse’s movement or aesthetic anomalies considered unacceptable in the open showing sections may determine a horse a pleasure mount.  Mounts are judged on manners, performance and way of going.  Pleasure mounts can be all shapes and sizes and any colour or breed.

Have a look at our FAQ page for answers to many frequently asked questions.


What's in it for me and my show committee?

Pleasure is the fastest growing section nationwide.  If you haven't run a Pleasure ring before you may be surprised at the number of entries you get - this section often dwarfs the Open rings at shows in the lower North Island.  While Pleasure is not run in all regions, many competitors are willing to travel and you may even find new competitors in your area that will be encouraged to compete their beloved mounts that just wouldn't cut it in Open company.

The appeal really is huge and the Horse of the Year Show has featured a Pleasure section for at over 10 years.

The pleasure section is inclusive so if you chose to add NZEPS affiliated pleasure classes to your show schedule it does not mean that non-members cannot enter those classes (just that if they win they don't qualify for HOY like a member). 

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