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Pleasure horse/pony showing rules

1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022

Pleasure Horse/Pony means those animals who do not fit the mould of a Show Horse/Pony. We welcome any breed (e.g. Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, Clyde X) and colour. They should be an uncomplicated and genuine pleasure to ride and whilst they do not possess the same quality conformation of a show horse, they should in their own way be a delight to ride, with impeccable manners.

A “pleasure mount” is NOT an inexperienced mount with show quality conformation who is destined for the open show ring.


  1. From 1 August 2015, for a horse/pony to meet the annual title show qualification requirements they must be registered with NZEPS.

  2. Horse/ponies must never have placed first in an open show ring class including working hunter. However, members may apply for dispensation to NZEPS. Please note - open show ring includes wins in novice classes in a ring defined open i.e. saddle hunter, park hack etc this also includes NZ Show Council and Showing Championships.

  3. Riders may be registered with other bodies.

  4. Riders may have competed outside the Pleasure Horse/pony section.

  5. Riders in Pony classes must be under 17yrs (proof of rider’s age may be requested). Age is taken as at 1st August.

  6. Children riding hacks must compete in the Horse Classes.

  7. Adults may ride ponies in Horse Classes without prejudice.

  8. Pleasure mounts may compete in recognised breed and colour classes i.e. Welsh and Pinto classes but should not compete in Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) led classes i.e. Sport Horse, Thoroughbred or led pony sections.

  9. Stallions may compete in this section however it is up to the discretion of each show committee as to whether they choose to allow stallions on site.


  1. Bits - Ordinary snaffle bit as per Dressage NZ definition only no poll action (refer appendix 1).  No bit guards. 

  2. Bitless bridles - are only permitted in Recreational pleasure classes.

  3. Nosebands - Only cavesson nosebands are permitted no strapping below the bit.

  4. Whips - may be carried but must not exceed 76cms in length.

  5. Helmets - all riders must wear a 3-point harness helmet conforming to the current NZ Safety Standard or an equivalent standard and be red tagged.

  6. Spurs - are not to be worn.

  7. Other - No shadow rolls, ear plugs/muffs or bonnets, martingales or tie downs (breast plates and number holders are allowed).

  8. Use of illegal gear at events prior to competition in a pleasure class - No pleasure mount shall present to the ring i.e. warmup area directly before pleasure showing classes, this includes the use of dressage whips spurs or other gadgets.

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