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Committee News


Minutes of the AGM of the NZ Equestrian Pleasure Society held on the 4 July 2021 (PDF 252 KB)


President/Chairperson: Leeanne Morrison

Vice President: Tamara Savage

Secretary: Libby Macdonald

Treasurer: Kelly Aiken 

Committee Officers:  Heather Shore, Tania Simmons, Tina Mccormick, Jennifer Bailey, Dawn Runtle, Dee Dewhurst, Rebecca Slaven, Karen Walker, Hayley Perkins, Kate Drummond, Di Reid

Roles and Responsibilities

Memberships: Tamara Savage

Show Affiliation: Leeanne Morrison

HOY convenors: Leeanne Morrison and Heather Shore

Website administration and dispensation requests: Libby Macdonald

Merchandise: Tina Mccormick 

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